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About Bailey Donovan

Crafting Tradition, Blending Innovation

Step into the captivating narrative of Bailey Donovan, a 26-year-old glassblower emerging from the rich tapestry of South Australia. Bailey, a dedicated glass artist and designer, brings to life the ancient art of glassblowing in a modern context. Having studied at renowned glass institutions across Australia and the United States, and having delved into the heart of the craft in the city of Venice, Bailey's journey is a testament to a global pursuit of mastery. The fusion of techniques, from the delicate touch of pastels to intricate cane work, defines Bailey Donovan's creations. Each piece not only reflects the influence of Venetian traditions but also carries the mark of contemporary innovation. Bailey Donovan's commitment extends beyond the art itself—it's about preserving a legacy, where craftsmanship and tradition intertwine. Explore our collection, where every glass creation is a chapter in a story, inviting you to experience the timeless allure of handmade artistry.


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